If you are an amateur player of orchestral instrument and think you might be interested in joining us it is well worth making contact to see if we have, or are likely to have, any suitable vacancies.

Maybe you are just thinking about the possibilities but would like to ask some questions? Maybe you play an instrument that is not currently listed on our vacancies page? Why not contact us?

Our Playing Policy

Our orchestra plays a wide range of great works, including tuneful music by unjustly neglected composers, and we play every piece in the belief that the musical experience should be enjoyable. We offer every amateur musician who seeks the opportunity for self improvement the chance to play their chosen instrument in a fun and sociable setting.

We use all instruments that can be found amongst the string, woodwind, brass and percussion sections of any sizeable orchestra. We are therefore able to offer playing opportunities to players of violin, viola, violoncello (cello), double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone, and percussion as vacancies occur, so it is always worth checking with our Membership Secretary, Mary Thrower.

Concert Organisers

Are you intending to organise a concert as part of:

.....a Church/Community Festival

.....fund raising for a worth cause

.....or any event for which an orchestra would be suitable?

If “Yes” then please contact our Concert Secretary, Catherine Curl (see "contact" page) - we’re here to help.